9 paintings VAYA ADELANTE

Exhibition by Maxim Ilyukhin and Ivan Kurbakov at the Irague Gallery, Moscow
25.01.2020 – 11.02.2020
The project has been growing up and gaining strength during several months. It started to crystallise from album VAYA ADELANTE by mpala garoo (Ivan Kurbakov’s musical formation) which was published at Shimmering Moods records - independent dutch label for experimental and ambient music. Maxim Ilykhin took part in music for this album and also did the cover image as an artist. Ivan and Maxim spend time together, working on the album, doing qigong, reading articles and books, watching movies, walking through the woods. They plunged into the cloud of art and poetics exchanging thoughts on the essence of both. 9 pictures VAYA ADELANTE were born from that cloud. It is black and white ceramic objects coloured black by Chinese ink and painted by thin liners. Ceramics mounted on white plywood sheets of standard for paper sizes A3 and A4. There are poetic captions for each made in the style of dream interpretations. For the gallery exhibition few other objects were included. It’s black drum kit with kevlar drum plastics that makes the sound more delicate; the Black guitar; CD player with album disk inside worked as an audio installation; and a mysterious ceramic lamp. There are two music video installation also for two compositions from the album. They are projected on the gallery wall.
Few events became part of the exhibition program:
  1. Opening with live improv based on album’s music
  2. Poetry reading evening with local moscow poets
  3. Artists talk about open and secret art communities.
  4. The concert of music by composers of XX and XXI centuries
  5. Closing with live improv based on album’s music and dance
Objects on the wall
object on the wall
Closing party
object on the wall
Photo from last evening performance by Evgeny Vtorov